Convert Memory Channels from Yaesu FT-8800R to Kenwood D710A/GA

For the fellow amateur radio world out there, we found it quite difficult to convert our radio memory channel data from the Yaesu FT-8800 to the Kenwood D710GA when programming a few radios. So in light of that, we developed a Excel FT8800 to Kenwood D710 Conversion Tool and documented the process on how we completed the conversion.

Feel free to you this tool to assist you in converting your memory channels from your FT-8800 to your Kenwood D710.

This tool allows conversion from a Yaesu FT-8800R when using the FTB8800 Software ( G4HFQ Software) for radio memory management to a Kenwood D710A or Kenwood D710GA.

You Will Need the Following:

  • The Two Conversion Tool Files (available here).
    • FT8800 to Ken D710 Conversion Tool Template.xlsx
    • Kenwood HMK File Structure Template.csv
  • Kenwood M2A Software Installed (available here)
  • Kenwood M6A Software (if importing data for the D710GA only) (available here)
  • Previous FTB8800 CSV Data File
  • Microsoft Excel (for CSV Editing, Auto Calculations and Conversions)

Instructions are provided inside the FT8800 to Ken D710 Conversion Tool Template.xlsx file in the worksheet titled “Instructions”.

We are working on one for converting from CHIRP as well, but give us a little time on that one!