ICS-207 Incident Organization Chart Form with Rapid Chart

In an Emergency, Seconds Count

Decrease the amount of time it takes you to develop your ICS-207 Incident Organization Chart using our form featuring the Rapid Chart development tool.

Our Rapid Chart form allows you to quickly document your incident organizational structure using a computerized form in Microsoft Word.  Quickly expand your organizational structure with your incident and modify your command or general staff positions without handwritten scratch-outs or unused fields.

Start with our existing ICS Incident Organization template and completely modify as required to meet your needs.

Benefits of our Rapid Chart Forms

With our Rapid Chart form, you can quickly:

  • Remove unused positions, or add new ones
  • Include additional sections, divisions, branches, units or groups
  • Print multiple copies of your organizational chart without the need of a copier or scanner
  • Share the form electronically with supporting agencies or your dispatch
  • Avoid miscommunication or accountability issue due to legibility or misread handwriting
  • Easily archive the document electronically after your incident
  • Share in a common Microsoft Word (DOCX) format.
  • Export to PDF from within Microsoft Word.
  • Modify the organization chart structure to meet your operation standards before the incident, and print paper templates for when computers aren’t available.

See How It Works

Take a moment to watch our how to video below to see how the form works and how it can benefit you or your agency.


Create Accurate ICS Forms in Less Time with More Flexibility

Licensing Options

Individual License – For use by no more than 3 persons per purchase.
Agency License – For use by all persons within the agency of the purchaser.

Software Requirements

This form requires Microsoft Word 2010 or newer for proper functionality.


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