Acer Releases Their First Android Tablet with Tegra 3 – Acer A510

Acer just released their first Android Tablet with the Tegra 3 Quad Core Processor. This is one of the few Tegra 3’s on the market now bringing some competition to the Asus Transformer Prime that was released a few months ago. Until now, the Prime was Androids top competitor in size, speed, and feature set to the iPad.

Although this tablet is a tad heavier and thicker than the skeek-ness of the Prime, it does offer almost twice the battery life with 15 hr battery run time spec and many user report that its size and design is more ergonomic making it more comfortable to hold bringing back the mindset that small isn’t always better.

Until there are more tablets in users hands, it is still too early to provide a good overview of the tablet across the board. The link below will take to a good review on the benchmarks of the device and a comparison the the Transformer Prime.

The Acer A510 can be picked up for around $450 online ($429 on Amazon as of now) and soon to be in local stores.