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iWorks and iLife Apps Now Free with new iOS Device Purchase

Did you recently purchase a new iPad or iPhone for yourself or as a gift this past holiday season? If so, you are eligible to download the iWorks and iLife applications suite from the App Store for free! This is about a $70 value! Bet your salesmen didn’t mention that at the store. Since October 2013, Apple has made the application free for all new purchases.


iApp image
The iWorks Suite is one of the most popular and feature loaded productivity app sets on the App Store today since a full version of Microsoft Office is still not available for the iOS system (Office 2 HD and Document to Go are great apps,but iWorks remains more popular and definitely aren’t free). The iWorks suite includes the following apps which can be downloaded separately:

  • Pages (Document Editor)
  • Numbers (Spreadsheet Editor)
  • Keynote (Presentation Editor)

The iLife suite is a little more on the “let loose and have fun” side of things being known as creativity apps but the suite does include a feature packed picture and movie editor which some may still consider “productivity”. The iLife suite includes the following apps which aslo are downloaded separately:

  • iPhoto (Photo Editor)
  • iMovie (Movie Editor)
  • Garage Band (Touch Instrument and Recording Software)

Even through the items are free, you wouldn’t think so when you try to go download them from the App Store. Thats because you have to know where to look in the Store for the free download. If you just search for them, they will show up for their regular price.

To find them for free in Apps Store using iOS 7 (what all new devices come with), do the following:

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device
  2. Click on the “Featured” icon at the bottom left of the app display
  3. Make sure you are in the “All Categories” section of the Featured area by clicking the “All Categories”button at the top left of the Featured area.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Featured area and click on the “Apps Made By Apple” Button
  5. Once in the “Apps Made By Apple” area, if you are eligible for the free apps, they will show up as free in this area. Then, download as normal. FYI, as will all other free apps, you will still be prompted for your Apple ID and Password upon download.

Once you have the applications downloaded, they are now eligible for free download on the rest of your iOS devices associated with your Apple account! So now you can enjoy the apps across your full iOS network!

Please note that most of these apps are over 250MB, so you may need to free up a little space if you want the full package.  Happy downloading!

Google Maps for iPad Holding Strong

Six weeks after the long awaited release of Google Maps for iPad (those running iOS 6), the application continues to hold strong.  The newly optimized layout and navigation options which were also recently made available in the latest release for Android OS as well are making users happy as the latest version of the app continues to hold a 4-5 star rating.  No more up-scaling the iPhone app on the iPad, it is now natively available and optimized for the high definition display.

Google Maps on iPad

Features Continue To Include:

  • Navigation and Directions (Driving, Walking, Public Transit, Biking)
  • Google Traffic
  • Terrain View
  • Satellite Image View
  • Biking View (with trails, etc)
  • Direction Look-Up
  • And More

However, for iPad users, it should be a joyous occasion that we now have a real mapping application for the device again.

Google Maps on iPad - Description