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Gmail for iPad Update: Now Multiple Account Support and More

As many Gmail users have come to appreciate the simplicity behind multiple account support for their Gmail App on Android or Gmail via the Web, those who have taken the plunge to the iPad world as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed may have found the integrated Gmail App for iPad a little bit lacking from what they are used to.

Although it was easy on the eyes with the “beautiful Retina display” (for those with the iPad 3/4), the initial roll-out of Gmail for iOS 6 did lack some luster in the function department. The initial version did not allow for multiple account support, a huge fallback from Android based versions of the application that have allowed the functionality for years. In addition, it had limited search and meeting invite capabilities as well.

Recently, the latest Gmail Version 2.0 update for the iOS platform redeems itself bringing the standard precedent of functionality to its interface that has come to be expected from the Gmail user masses. The latest update includes the following:

  • Multiple Account Support
  • Search predictions as you type
  • Infinite scrolling inbox
  • Respond to Google Calendar invites inline
  • And more

And I must say, they pulled it off in a simple to use interface that puts account switching only a few “pecks” away (I guess we really can’t “click” on a tablet screen now can we). In addition, as the layout stays the same, they streamlined the interface to provide, what Google calls, a “cleaner look”. Personally, I was content with the old look, but to each is own. The new one isn’t to much of a change. Primarily, it just separated titles, headers, labels, read, and unread message fonts into different sizes and styles to make them a little easier to identify on the display. Overall, it’s a good look and a massive functional improvement.

The version is currently available in the iPad App Store for all users free of charge. For those who currently have Gmail installed and want to upgrade, just install the upgrade from the upgrade section of your App Store as you would any other program.

Before (Previous Version)iPad Gmail


After (Version 2.0)iPad-Gmail2

Facebook and More Privacy Concerns

It all boils down to one topic, do not expect privacy with information posed on social media, regardless of the company privacy policy. Just err on the side of caution.

A Federal Court Judge in New York declared yesterday that federal investigators can review your Facebook profile if one of your friends (who has access to your profile) allows them permission to do so. The ruling was part of a New York City racketeering trial where the suspect attempted to rely on the Fourth Amendment to suppress Facebook evidence that led to his indictment.

US District Judge William Pauley III wrote in the discussion section of his ruling:

Where Facebook privacy settings allow viewership of postings by “friends,” the Government may access them through a cooperating witness who is a “friend” without violating the Fourth Amendment. Cf. United States v. Barone, 913 F.2d 46,49 (2d Cir. 1990) (finding that a person does not have a legitimate privacy expectation in telephone calls recorded by the Government with the consent of at least one party on the call.)” (Source:

Full Text of the Ruling Can Be Found At: